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Hello and welcome Usertesting. Here you may find useful resources to help solve everyday problems around the office.

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The Simple Errors

Depending on the level of expertise the problem will requires will judge if IT support is needed. I know that almost everybody is capable of figuring out why there computer is running slow or not responding, try closing a few windows or resetting the machine, I know this may sound life threatening but it will never hurt to give your computer a good reset. Doing this once on a weekly basis will help avoid slow or unresponsive computers :) .


Setting up Equipment


Whether this be printers, monitors, or your own phone all the information you need is here and quick start guides.

Printers and Scanners (Tips on setting them up)

All printers and scanners are setup through an I.P. address, an I.P. address is just a specific location of the network or computer. Just how we have home addresses we have IP addresses.

  • To connect a windows computer to a printer simply go to Control Panel, then navigate to printers and devices tab after find the "add printer" button. You will be presented with what method you want to use, just use IP address, once you have found the printer in the room, its IP address should be written down. you want to use simply take the number and type it in the computer and BAM you are now setup. How easy was that!!
  • To connect a Mac it gets even easier just follow these steps. System Preferences > Printers & Scanners > Hit the tiny + button in the lower left hand side, once there select IP at the top and just like on Windows input the IP address of the desired printer then name it as you like. (wow I never will need help setting up a printer again!!)
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